Velotech.Asia – Aspiring to be Asia’s Premier Bicycle Mechanic School

Our ultimate goal is to equip our course participants with the confidence to work on their bike. Whether you are just an amateur home mechanic who wants to know how to overhaul your own bike or already a shop mechanic looking to be certified, we offer courses to meet your needs. Take a look at courses available at Velotech.Asia below:

PRO01 – Professional Bicycle Mechanic Course (11-days)
This Professional Bicycle Mechanic Course will cover topics listed below and more.

Topics covered (In no particular order):
- Bicycle Frame Variants and Prep
- MTB Suspension
- The Bicycle Drivetrain System (BDS03)
- The Art of Wheel Building (AWB02)
- Contact points
- Bicycle Brakes
- Bike Fit Seminar (BFS05)

This course is held at our current facility in Georgetown, Penang(PEN) Malaysia. Students are required to complete all topics in order to be certified. The course runs through 2 weeks (5 and a half days per week) of classes. Classes start from 9am and end at 430, usually later. There are no pre-requisites except for your passion in bicycles and the mechanics of it. Maths and simple knowledge in physics are basic requirements. Classes will be conducted mainly in English.

Course Fees: RM3890 ( approx. USD1300 ); New Participant Registration fee of RM200 inclusive.

Check out our Registration page for info on course dates >>>

AWB02 – The Art of Wheel Building (2.5 days)
In this 2.5-day intensive wheel building course, you will learn the art of building a pair of bicycle wheels. Our expert wheel builders will touch on component selection, wheel building tools, methods used and most importantly, the magic that makes it all happen. On the last day of this course, you will have the opportunity to work this magic yourself with the supervision of our expert wheel builders.

This course normally runs through Thursday to Saturday. We offer this course at our facility as well as off-site packages for overseas, we have had classes in Singapore and are expanding to other countries. Full day classes are from 9am to 430pm.

Course Fees: RM890 ( approx. USD300 ); New Participant Registration fee of RM200 required.

Check out our Registration page for info on course dates >>>

New Participant Registration, RM200 ( Approx USD67 )
A Welcome Pack which includes a bicycle related souvenir.
Access to Velotech.Asia’s TECHDRIVE section. TECHDRIVE is our hub for bicycle related resources. In here you will find articles, service manuals, study materials, online tools, bicycle mechanic tips and tricks, & etc…

Any other inquiries can directed to us via or  our Contact Us page. Cheers!


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